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Ashwagandha can Help Anxiety, Stress and Thyroid Health

For anyone dealing with irregular stress or anxiety, you’re not alone. Stress can change the projection of the day and impact how we are feeling internally. Whenever I am dealing with a significant amount of change or learning something completely different from what I’ve done in the past, my stress level increases which leads to unwanted anxiety. The intensity of the anxiety can leave me feeling very uncomfortable and also affect my digestion. The result of stress and anxiety has a number of complex outcomes that are more negative than positive.

I am not a doctor or medical professional, but one thing I have recently tried that has helped with my anxiety and stress levels is using the ancient herbal supplement, ashwagandha. I purchased Physician’s Choice Ashwagandha and have seen gradual improvements. Of course, you’ll want to do your own research to make sure it’s the right fit for you but I wanted to share the many benefits of ashwagandha and how it’s helped with my stress and anxiety.

First off, ashwagandha has been around for over 4,000 years and traces its roots from the Indian subcontinent region including Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Ashwagandha also has roots in various regions of Africa. Because of its many health benefits, ashwagandha has become a positive and healthy choice for a variety of health issues.

I am a firm believer that most forms of pain and inflammation are rooted in the mind and how we deal with a situation can take a toll on our body for better or for worst. I’m also a huge advocate for trying natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs that can have other side effects to offset the initial pain or issue.

Improved Thyroid Health

Several months ago I was doing research on how to improve overall thyroid health; whether a person is dealing with a hyperthyroid, which is an overactive thyroid or hypothyroid, an underactive thyroid gland, studies supported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information show that there are potential health benefits in taking this herbal root. Because there is limited research on the longterm effects, I would encourage everyone to do their own research and take in moderation.

After one of my close family members had gone for a health checkup after having dealt with high blood pressure, irritability, hair loss, dry skin and coughing issues, a blood test and ultrasound check-up resulted in identifying an irregular thyroid. As soon as I had found out about my family’s health issue, I was motivated to learn about the imbalances of an irregular thyroid (hypothyroid in this case) and natural ways to improve overall thyroid health. I had purchased ashwagandha herbal supplements from Amazon through this link: and over time their health progressed. There were other changes to their diet that had also helped get them to a positive state and back to a regular and healthy thyroid, but I am a strong believer that the ashwagandha supplements were a key supporting ingredient.

Relieves Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

This ancient herbal root helps activate the endocrine system which is made up of glands that produce hormones that help regulate a variety of areas within that body that include your overall mood, sleep patterns, metabolism, reproduction, growth and so much more. One of these hormones, cortisol, is a stress hormone that under stressful situations, gets imbalanced. Ashwagandha has been shown to help regulate cortisol and as a result in these times of imbalance, it has proven to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

I recently started taking ashwagandha pills after learning about its many health benefits, not remembering at the time that it also helps with reducing stress and anxiety. After relocating to a completely different environment, my stress levels were not balanced and was often feeling a sense of overwhelm. Meditation has helped and I will continue to practice breathing techniques but I have also noticed that ashwagandha has helped me feel much calmer in times that I would have otherwise felt a sense of anxiety.

Strengthens the Immune System

Ashwagandha also has anti-inflammatory properties that help strengthen the immune system. I’m all for adding natural foods, herbs, and supplements into my diet that can boost my immune system. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also suggested that ashwagandha can help relieve joint pain

My personal outlook on health is the more I invest in my health today by taking in natural and nourishing foods, the less time spent at the doctor, the more energy I’ll have which can then be released in a variety of ways emotionally and productively.

Can help Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have shown that it’s possible for ashwagandha to help stabilize blood sugar levels when dealing with high blood pressure or low blood pressure due to its rich iron properties. There are several other recommendations to stabilize blood sugar levels and would recommend ashwagandha to help in supplement of other healthy habits.

Helps regulate Healthy Sleep Patterns

Ashwagandha may help improve overall quality of sleep and those dealing with insomnia. However, on the flip side, it could leave you feeling tired when you aren’t ready for bed quite yet.

I usually take ashwagandha in the morning or early afternoon. Although it can cause drowsiness, I typically don’t feel any added state of tiredness than I normally do and was able to focus on whatever tasks I was working on without the added stress of outside noise or distraction.

This might be different from person to person but my experience hasn’t made me any less tired during the day.

Those that are pregant, breastfeeding or taking other medications should not take this supplement. As I am a huge advocate for taking this supplement, it’s important to do further research based on what’s best for your specific needs.

Because there hasn’t been a ton of long-term studies on the effects of using ashwagandha, I have been taking it in moderation as with any dietary supplements and foods I have incorporated into my diet to be at my peak performance on a daily basis. I chose and currently take the supplements from Physician’s Choice brand.

Because I’ve had such a great experience with ashwagandha and the overall health benefits it has provided to my family, I hope this article can also help others in their healing journey.

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