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Cognitive Therapy is Important for Depression Fatigue

Depicting basic tenets of CBTResearchers conducting studies on depression have found that depressed people are more likely to suffer from depression fatigue. People suffering from depression fatigue will experience lots of tiredness, low in energy, and they will spend more time in sleeping than on any other activity. People with depression fatigue also have problems on focusing on things and planning.

The depression fatigue problem is a long-term one

Those of you suffering from depression fatigue will find that they suffer from acute weakness physically and this kind of feeling continues for almost 6 months or so. Such people will have shortened memories and will have difficulty in concentrating. The depression fatigue sufferers have tender-lymph-nodes, muscle pain and aches. They always complain of having chronic headaches and feel bloated all the time. These individuals suffer from acute distress and feel uncomfortable following any physical activity. People with depression fatigue will find stability problems in body control.

Physical activity is a must for people with depression fatigue

With exercise, you can effectively deal with depression fatigue. Exercise is perhaps one of the best ways to reduce not only the symptoms of depression, but it also helps in keeping other diseases off. With increased blood circulation, due to exercise there will be an improvement in your immune system and you will find that your energy levels are at a high, which would be the best thing for you, if you suffer from depression fatigue. Not all of us are aware of the fact, but exercise releases good hormones which will uplift your mood and reduce any kind of muscle strain caused due to stress. You should get plenty of sunshine and should go on early morning walks to refresh your mind and invigorate your spirits. Meditation too has been found to be effective in dealing with depression and there are many breathing techniques, which the depressed people can follow to keep depression at bay. It’s quite difficult for a depression fatigue person to start regular exercise, so he should start initially from 15 minutes and increase later as he goes on.

Cognitive therapy will help a depression fatigue individual

Making a change in your thought process can be effective in combating depression fatigue. Since it is generally seen that clinical depression is worsened even more, if you have negative thoughts running into your mind and self evaluating going on. It is important that you replace these thoughts with more radical positive thoughts and build up your self-esteem as it will encourage you to fight off depression fatigue. Also you will find that with fatigue comes physical as well as mental exhaustion, and therefore you should try to eliminate repetitive and disturbing thoughts as it will reduce the energy spent on experiencing the negative feelings. Those individuals who are stressed out have sleeping problems and when he is not able to get good sleep, then chronic fatigue sets in and this kind of people, even if they sleep will not be able to reduce their tiredness. Prolonged fatigue if persists then it will lead to depression fatigue.

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