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How to Beat the Blues Out of Your Life

‘How to treat depression’

…Well, this is the most quintessential question of all our lives and the most sought after answer as well. At some point of our life, we all need to seek the answer to this commonest of all questions, ‘how to treat depression’ and in our journey we are sure to meet numerous companions who all are to some or the other extent trying to come out of their depressed state.

In order to know about how to treat depression, we first need to know the major conditions that cause depression and similar sad thoughts and emotions. When it comes to answering how to treat depression, one needs to know that it is all the result of chemical misbalances inside our head which in turn is caused by many conscious and subconscious stimuli on our life and mind which causes all sorts of emotional disturbances.

As a matter of fact, there hardly exist any person who has not felt the pangs of blues and depression in his/her lifetime. However, the major purpose of this article is to find the most effective ways to know how to treat depression and thus let us proceed to know the secret weapons to beat the blues out of our life. First and foremost, accept the fact that you are a victim of depression as that is the first step towards knowing how to treat depression.


Dig inside your heart, mind and soul, stir and delve inside the deepest region of your mind and face your inner fury and fears, the exact causes of all your emotional traumas and pains and sadness. So the second step towards how to treat depression is to confront your inner and deepest self without any pretence and assumptions, it is to face the real you with all the shades of white, black and grey. Now, let’s discuss the third action to take and that is to clearly demarcate your mental, emotional, real and spiritual plane.

To know how to treat depression is to know how and where to draw lines and to separate each of the four above-mentioned planes, as most problems arise when we fail to find respective solution to problems belonging to these different planes and end up confusing the one with the other. When we seek to know how to treat depression we must know how that we cannot find an emotional solution for a problem belonging to the real world and vice versa, and at the same time, we must know and learn how to share and divide our time to devote to each of those four planes to lead a balanced life.

Hence, the most important step towards how to treat depression is to lead a balanced and honest life, wherein one should escape those unfathomable thoughts and sadness which are destructive and exist without any solution. It is important to be shallow at times, which does not mean that you are indifferent, it simply means that you want to let the sleeping dogs lie, lest they would wake and bite you to injury.

how to treat depression

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