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Laminine/Young Tissue Extract for Depression and General Health

Young tissue extract (YTE) is a Norway-patented formula extracted from fertilized eggs. Recently, it has started to appear in multiple skincare products and health supplements due to its numerous benefits. YTE extract supplements are famous for their anti-aging benefits. However, many latest studies show that it can also boost cognitive function, mood regulation, and stress management. [1]

The Origin of Young Tissue Extract 

John R. Davidson was the first one to discover Young Tissue Extract in Canada in 1992. He observed the fertilized egg of the hen and noticed that the egg experienced a remarkable growth spurt after the ninth day – the embryo tripled in size. His research concluded that the rapid growth shows that the egg yolk has extremely powerful nutrients on the 9th day.  [2]

Much later, Norwegian researcher Dr. Bjoedne Eskeland rediscovered Young Tissue Extract in the 1990s. He found an array of 22 amino acids with minerals, vitamins, proteins, protein fractions, and peptides all-powerful nutrients leading to multiple health benefits. 

Since then, multiple studies and trials have been conducted to explore and investigate the various benefits of YTE for the human body. 

What is Laminine? 

YTE has been transformed into various blends and supplements, the most popular being Laminine a proprietary blend of Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, Phyto proteins, and fish proteins.

Laminine is derived from ‘Laminin,’ a substance found at the cell level that literally ‘holds us all together.

Young tissue extract includes the Fibroblast Growth Factor (a crucial natural growth factor for the repair and regeneration of cells). It dissipates as we age. However, Laminine has FGF2, so when ingested by humans, it signals the body to maintain and repair damaged or aging cells making you feel younger, stronger, and more energetic. Laminine is believed to be the only known external source of FGF in adults. 

Benefits of Laminine/YTE 

The amalgamation of complex nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and peptides with FGF, makes YTE a potent supplement for the human body. 

The beneficial impacts of Laminine/YTE are: 

  • Improved Brain Function: It improves cognitive function, having positive impacts on memory.
  • Better Skin: Improves skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increased libido: Consuming laminine can improve stamina and sexual dysfunction. 
  • Improved Emotional Health: Improves the quality of sleep and reduces stress and emotional stability. 

Laminine/Young Tissue Extract and Mental Health 

Many studies and clinical trials yielded results indicating that Laminine/YTE can improve depression and other mood disorders. 

  • Helps Produce Essential Hormones [3]

Many factors cause depression, but one of the leading causes includes higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone), leading to high glucocorticoids. This exposes the body to a prolonged state of stress, resulting in various health concerns, including depression. 

YTE catalyzes the production of various hormones. Studies reveal that it reduces cortisol and increases dopamine (one of the primary neurotransmitters). [4] Thus, it helps the body combat stress and stays relaxed, relieving various signs of depression such as: 

  • Insomnia 
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety 
  • Nausea 
  • Feeling burnt out 
  • Helps in Mood Enhancement 

Recent studies show that YTE can also enhance mood and control depressive symptoms due to its ant depressive properties. [5]


Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, LGPN Nutritional Adviser, said: 

“In a recent study, we discovered a 23% reduction of cortisol levels in individuals after 12 days of taking Laminine.” [Source: ]

  • The Clinical Trial

In a clinical trial, researchers measured the salivary cortisol levels of 28 subjects (16 women and 12 men) of ages 36-83. 16 participants took higher laminine intake (4 capsules a day), while the remaining 12 took a lower dosage (1 capsule per day). Overall, laminine supplementation reduced cortisol levels by an average of 23.7 percent. The participants had reduced stress and anxiety. [6]

  • The Study 

According to a study, participants who received 1,680mg of YTE daily for a month observed that YTE has “antidepressive effects” compared to a group that took a placebo. [7]

  • The Book 

Dr. Eskeland published a book in 2006 called Dr. Eskeland’s Young Tissue Extract: Norway’s Anti-Aging Miracle. It is one of the most comprehensive guides about YTE and how it impacts the human body. 

Dr. Eskeland believes the mood-enhancing properties of YTE could be linked to various factors like: 

“An increase in the desire to engage in sexual activity, an increase in the ability to reach orgasms, [and] enhanced intensity of orgasms,” specifically among those who are already taking antidepressants.

Young Tissue Extract Supplements

Young tissue extract comes from fertilized hen eggs incubated for nine days. The core nutrients of the egg yolk are condensed in the form of a powder extract and then encapsulated as supplements.  

Some of the best-known YTE supplements for daily dosage include:

  • Get Your Boom! Back Amino Boosters (1600mg of Norwegian YTE)
  • LifePharm Global Laminine (620mg YTE formula) 


Note: Remember to always consult a nutritionist, naturopath, or general physician before adding a new supplement to your regimen or diet. Also, inform your psychologist or therapist before starting any new supplements if you are already under treatment for any mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder


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