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Melancholy is Blue, but What Color is Depression?

Melancholy 1894Doctors classify the classical clinical depression as an upset condition when a person is never happy, always filled with dismay, and does not see or expect from life any good, nether in the future, nor at present. Appetite and sleep may be lost, working capacity may be reduced.

Fortunately, most of all we are pressed by a seasonal depression. So what should we do? Spring, bright sun and green grass are a long way off. And spending so many months, not living, not enjoying life – is offensive.

Therefore, we need to give ourselves a shake. Not only in a figurative sense, but literally, as a dog shakes the water off. Scientists claim that any physical shaking is useful for the body, it makes the negative energy kind of through off and tunes you to a working mood, action, and creation. Aerobic, morning exercises, walking, running, swimming, and a usual Sunday walk are excellent antidepressants. Even half an hour walk before work stimulates production of new brain cells.

A good sleep is an important condition, too. If you can not fall asleep, take a bath with a valerian root broth before going to bed. Pour 2-4 tablespoons of a minced root with a liter of water, boil slowly for 10-15 minutes, infuse for 1 hour, strain and pour into the tub. Bath temperature should not exceed 37-38 degrees. Take it for 15-20 minutes. At night you can also drink chamomile tea with honey or a glass of warm milk with honey.

In the morning it is good to take a cup of tea with cranberry or blackberry instead of regular tea.

Any citrus, as well as their flavour and colour, cheer you up.

Experts recommend yoga or Chinese gymnastics. Excellent choice is dancing or aerobics. You can dance at home under fiery music.

Any hobby picks up the mood, for example, making funny pets or beautiful things of scraps. Bright patches generally have a salutary impact on women.

You can start drawing. In summer we don’t really have time; we rather want to go here and there. But winter nights are just created for creativity.

Aromatherapy will have a therapeutic effect, too. Oils of rose, mint, jasmine, or clary have a positive effect on the nervous system, banish sad thoughts, tone and soothe simultaneously.

One of the best means of fighting with depression is to replace destructive thoughts to creative ones. If you’re thinking: “all is bad, I have no luck in anything”, then just take change this idea to the light one – everything in my life is fine, I am perfection itself, life loves me and cares for me. Never mind that in fact it is wrong and you do not really believe it. Just constantly replace all the negative thoughts by this idea. If you do so at least for a month, then you will be amazed at the changes occurring to you.

Smile to life, and it surely will smile in return to you. Life adores smiling people, they are lucky both in deeds, and in love. Look around and you’ll make sure of it.

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