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Natural Remedies for Depression

There are a lot of sites that recommend the best natural remedies to depression. However, I still want to write a thing or two about the depression natural remedies. In this post we’re going to talk about the objective, and the best practice when you want to  do a self help depression treatment.

Natural treatments allow people with depression to heal by themselves. This is often a very effective way to cope with depression for people with mild depression and the people who start to feel anxiety-depressive states. These natural remedies to depression may also be associated with conventional treatment in severe depression:

There are three main objectives of the depression treatment:

  • To remove depression/anxiety,
  • To ensure a good sleep (time and quality),
  • To ensure a good eating (quantity and quality).

Usually in cases of severe depression, doctors will recommend these depression natural remedies to be taken in conjunction with conventional treatments. Sometimes they will recommend that the remedies should be taken separately when the depression case get better.

That being said, you should get a medical consultation if you are depressed and having the prolonged symptoms. The doctor will decide which treatment suited you based on the severity of the depression.

Depression Diet

Food is an essential part in the depression natural treatment. It provides the nutrients needed to fight against stress, anxiety, and depression. Mediterranean diet which rich in fruits, vegetables and salads is recommended since they can provide vitamins, trace elements and essential minerals.

Fish (fatty deep sea), rich in omega 3 fatty acid will promote with peanuts (lentils, peas, white beans …) rich in amino acids and large supplying energy. You should limit the consumption of sugar, since it can be one of the sources of stress followed by sudden fatigue.

A report said that tryptophan is essential for the secretion of serotonin. It can be found in milk, yogurt, chicken, nuts and peanuts. It will also necessary to ensure proper digestion (transit) to ensure absorption of nutrients consumed. Otherwise, taking probiotics is important. Physical activity (brisk walking for 3 hours per week minimum) has shown benefit in the treatment of depression. It also helps clear your head, reducing stress and anguish. Finally it ensures a better night’s sleep.

Natural Remedies to Depression

Here are the herbal natural remedies to depression:

  1. Against Depression : St. John’s Wort (Procalmil: 1 tablet morning and evening) the plant is essential. She demonstrated an action just as effective as antidepressants. However, it may make it less effective medications (anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, oral contraceptives, digoxin, theophylline …). So should you always ask before taking any wort.
  2. Against anxiety and insomnia : valerian, sweet clover, passionflower, hawthorn … or as preparations Vagostabyl, or Spasmine Euphytose (6 tablets per day to be distributed throughout the day as needed).
  3. Against sexual disorders associated: gingko biloba.

The nutrients needed against depression that can act as natural remedies to depression are:

  • The magnesium (D-Stress, Magne B6, Mégamag) is essential for the production of energy and the fight against spasmophilia often associated. It helps boost the synthesis of neurotransmitters often deficient in depression.
  • The B vitamins (especially B6, B9 and B12) are still indispensable in psychological problems (yeast).
  • he omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have an anxiolytic antidepressant and accordin
  • g to many studies . Moreover, their presence in cell membranes ensures good communication and good spasticity between neurons.
  • The SOD and Co-Enzyme Q10 are excellent antioxidants that have an important action on the brain inflammation that is often encountered in depressive states.
  • The iron deficiency if confirmed on a blood test.
  • To potentially chelate heavy metals or pesticides : selenium, vitamin C and E, alpha lipoic acid, DMSA, garlic …

These mineral elements are essential reinforcement for the natural remedies to depression:

  • Oligosol copper-gold-silver : a dose in the morning against fatigue and depression.
  • Oligosol lithium : 2 bulbs in the evening for relaxation and sleep.

Two very important products against depression:

  1. – The 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan (5HTP) (100 to 150 mg / d) is the main precursor of serotonin, a hormone often deficient in depression. Griffonia plant is very rich in 5HTP, which is an excellent alternative.
  2. – the derivatives of methionine , SAMe (amino acid) plays an important role in the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters involved in depression.

Flowers for Depression

The Bach flowers can already relieve stress or emotion with the Rescue. There are also: –

  • Aspen acting on depression, irritability and dark thoughts.
  • Cerato when the person seeks solitude and difficulty concentrating.
  • Centaury when the person lacks confidence in her and constantly needs comfort;
  • Mimulus for the impatient and stressed out.
  • Star of Bethlehem for the intense emotional states.

Depression Alternative Treatment

  • The acupuncture is often very effective. It will reverse the condition which will allow the person to cope with new problems to his or her stressful situation.
  • The essential oils : Citrus aurantium and Lavendula angustifolia at 2 drops of each per day have an antidepressant and anxiolytic effect.
  • The homeopathy has also many remedies provided against depression
      • Sepia 9CH: when all is boredom, irritability in people seeking solitude.
      • Pulsatilla 9CH for melancholic cry easily and are enhanced by the comfort.
      • Ambrea grisea 9CH for depressed after work or family worries that wake up at night. – Lycopodium 9CH when weariness of life with aversion to all work.
      • Aurum is 9CH for depression with serious suicidal ideation. complexes Poconéol 1 + 2 + 43 + 69 with 15 drops of each, put together in one glass once a day, are excellent drainers depressive states.

Other techniques are a significant booster as one of the natural remedies to depression : EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR (in case of traumatic event), relaxation, relaxation therapy, color therapy (green), energy treatments, spa treatments, art therapy, recreation, laughter, fun and … the removal of all sources of electromagnetic fields (TV, laptop, computer, electrical equipment).


Symbolism: Depression is a sign that must draw attention to a dissatisfaction with his life. It indicates that we must stop stubborn refusal to take the direction of its development and it is time to make a change in the direction of its existence. This depression is like a sidelined. This should allow time to get in touch with his inner self in order to align with their beliefs and aspirations but also to discover their deepest aspirations. In total , there are many therapies to help them out of depression. Antidepressants should be reserved for serious cases, for the

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