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Seek Help if you are Living with Depression

living with depressionWhen you are living with depression that comes along with anxious moments, it can become quite difficult for you. A person living with depression will find that his day to day functioning of life is affected. To work out living with depression will take great effort from your behalf to come out of it.

It takes courage to acknowledge that one is living with depression

Due to an inability of a person that he is suffering from depression and ignorance on the part of the person living with depression, that it becomes difficult to acknowledge it. It takes great courage to stand up and recognize that you are living with depression and you need help. The social stigma, when it comes to mental disorders does not allow the person to come out in the open with his depression problems. It is only by reaching out for help, that you will be able to find a cure for depression. By living with depression for a long time can be detrimental to your health.

The symptoms of person living with depression

A person living with depression will find that he is constantly tired all the time. There will be some kind of anxiousness in him, which in some person might even lead to panic attacks. A person living with depression will find that his self-esteem is to an all time low and he will also experience low sex drive. He will have problems concentrating on anything and his weight will also fluctuate now and then. He will always have this sadness surrounding him and becomes sensitive, and if you reprimand them even lightly, they will become teary-eyed. It has been found that as compared to men, women are mostly found to be living with depression.

Seek professional help if you are living with depression

It is good that you have finally acknowledged that you are living with depression, but are unable to cope up with it, in spite of taking efforts to overcome depression, then you should seek the help of a professional counselor.

You will have to interact with your doctor to rule-out medical-condition and if need be take medications prescribed by the doctor. There are many self help books available and you should read them if you are living with depression to tackle anxiousness and depression. Depression in a person is caused by many factors such as tragedy events, inhuman behavior of others towards you, environment, irreparable loss, etc. Depression affects all the people from all age groups and up to 33% of women and 15% of entire population are struck by clinical depression.

Your family and loved one will help you well deal with depression, as it is quite easily you can convey your fears and anxiousness to them. Those suffering from depression are often found that for some time they are cheerful and hearty, but at the next moment they mellow down and become quiet and sad. These symptoms are generally found in those persons living with depression.

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