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Thoughts on the Necessity of Negative Emotions

Necessity of Negative EmotionsIn different stressful situations it is very important to deal with the wide array of emotions including those that are considered negative. In most cases revealing that one has negative emotions and displaying them is forbidden by our society. A man that cannot control these emotions is considered bad mannered or even a bad person. Many people today think that controlling negative emotions means suppressing them, not letting them out. But in most cases that is not quite right.

Suppressing negative feelings like anger or sadness in some situations may help. These are the situations where hiding your emotions is crucial for your success. But most of the time we don’t need to hide our emotions. When we talk to our family members, friends or other companions it is much more useful do try to demonstrate and talk about our feelings. When we do that we are getting closer to those people that we care about.

What does it mean to control your emotions and even the negative ones? It means being able to know what exactly are you feeling in the situation of “here-and-now” and to use them for your own good. For example if you’re feeling a particular negative emotion like anger you can use all that energy that anger provides you for achieving positive goals. Sometimes negative emotions are signals that something is not right, that for example you need a rest or change something in your daily life. Knowing your emotions can help you understand what exactly you want and what exactly do you need.

Many of modern psychotherapeutic schools are focused around emotions. Gestalt-therapy, existential therapy and many others are helping their clients understand their problems better through emotions. The important role of our emotions is growing due to the lack of time and communication between family members nowadays. Knowing that negative emotions are as important as positive ones can make your emotional life brighter and richer.

In fact suppressing negative emotions makes it nearly impossible to show all the variety of feelings. Positive and negative emotions depend on each other and make your life complete. We recommend you to pay attention to all of your feelings. Anger, sadness are as important as joy or other so called positive feeling. Your feelings are the things that no one can take away from you. Let yourself feel different emotions even the negative ones a live your life to the fullest.

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